The morning of the memorial, many stories and memories were shared. One such story was one shared by Barb Tschache.


Barb Tschache told a very funny story to the group, about a moment that she and I had shared with Dolly....On Dolly's wedding day….and an explanation for the delay on EZ and Dolly's wedding day, and the false teeth on Dolly’s memorial table.


Dolly had spent that morning with her daughter Angela.  When she left Angela's she forgot her false teeth and make-up.  She had called Angela and asked her to bring them when she came.  Angela had some large delays, and ended up running VERY....VERY late, so when it was time for Dolly to walk down the aisle, she still had no false teeth or make-up.


Of course; at this point, Dolly is getting very frustrated and worried that she would walk down the aisle with no teeth and look like she had just rolled out of bed. 


Barb quickly took out a stick of lipstick and comb that she had in her purse, and did a very nice, quick job of doing Dolly's hair and a pseudo-make-up job. 


Dolly's frustration was still up...she was suddenly getting flower girl....and just adding every little thing in her mind.  Of course, the fact that we had to find a replacement pastor to marry them, an hour before the wedding, was still fresh in her mind....Thank goodness Rick Sanders was there and willing to step in.


At this point, the wedding is running a 1/2 hour late, and EZ, Rick Sanders, family, and friends are out back wondering what is going on inside....Barb and I didn't dare leave Dolly's side, for fear she would run out the front door....if only they knew...HEE HEE


At that moment, Dolly didn't know that David and I had ordered and picked up a bouquet that morning, and Barb quickly volunteered to be her flower girl....Barb admitted that she had never been a flower girl, had no bouquet, and wasn't dressed for the occasion, but anything to get Dolly to go out that back door...!


Finally, Dolly is just about to go out the back door...still with no teeth...and demanded a cigarette.  We lit one for her, to allow her a couple of puffs, and started heading toward the back door.  As we are exiting the door, Dolly bulked, almost refused to give up the we told her..."There is NO WAY you are getting married with a cigarette between your lips"....snatched it from her, stunned her by thrusting the bouquet of flowers into her arms, and told one of the other gals to guard the back gate...should Dolly try to escape. 


No problem there we exited the back door, Barb and I handed her off to Sam, and he quickly took her arm and steered her toward the back....with her muttering and sputtering about her teeth, the flower bouquet, and telling Sam that we had swiped her cigarette...with Barb grabbed the first thing she saw to carry as flower girl..and raced to get in the lead. NOTE in the included pictures that Terry took at the wedding...Barb is going in front of the backstage prancing with her bouquet.(the Harley shield)...., leading Cheryl Pitts (Dolly's Matron of Honor), followed by Dolly and Sam (who was giving her away).


Note the expression on Dolly's face as she is rounding the back corner...ducking her head and still muttering to Sam, that she hopes no one realizes she did't have teeth. 


EZ, Rick Saunders, family, and friends quickly assembled in the back relieved that she was finally coming....and having NO IDEA what had caused the delay.





During the whole wedding, everyone thought the shy bride smile was so cute...with no idea that it was because she had no teeth.


With or without teeth, she made for a very beautiful bride!


I suspect that EZ and Rick didn’t know the whole story until the morning of the memorial.