On Be-Half Of Eric, David & Myra, Abby & Trevor, Angie & Jeff And Their Children Welcome To This Celebration. I Thank The Creator For Our Safe Journey Here And Our Strength In Fellowship.


Last Monday



 ­­Under The Willow Where I Had The Honor To Join Erick And Dolly As Mates Angie And I Shared An Embrace, And Thoughts Of Her Mother. With The First Sign Of Peace I Had Seen In Angie’s Eyes That Day,,, She Paused And Said The Most Joyous Thing.


Mom Did Not Have Friends Here,,, This… All Of You Were And Are Family.


 I Took Great Strength In That, It Helped Me Make It To Here.


At Lunch I Shared A Story  With Angie,,, Dolly Shared With Me Not Too Long After My Mother Passed. The Story Of The Two Boxes. I Was So Moved By Her Interpretation Of This Story I Researched Till I Found The Original Text.


For Those Of Us Who Know This Story It Is A Good Lesson To Review.

 For Those Of You Who Have Not It Is A Good Lesson To Learn.



I Seemed Very Sad To All Those Around Me,,,, My Mother Was Gone….


 Even Though The Age Of An Elder My Self I Felt Very Alone.

An Elder,,, Not Much Older Than My Years But Much Older By Wisdom Placed In My Hands Two Boxes,


 One Box Tattered Old And Black, The Other Shinny Like Gold….


"Put All Your Sorrows In The Black Box,

And All Your Joys In The Gold."

This Is All He Said Before He Moved On.


I Heeded His Words, And In Thru The Tinny Slit In The Top Of The Two Boxes,

 Both My Joys And Sorrows Were Stowed.


The Gold Became Heavier Each Day,

The Black Was As Light As Before.


With Curiosity, I Opened The Black Box, I Wanted To Find Out Why, And I Saw, In The Base Of The Black Box, A Hole, Through Which My Sorrows Had Fallen.


I Showed The Hole To The Elder On His Next Pass, And Mused,

"I Wonder Where My Sorrows Could Be!"

 He Smiled A Gentle Smile And Said,

"Dear Brother, They're All Here With Me..

" I Asked The Brother Why The Gold And The Black With The Hole?

"My Brother, The Gold Is For You To Count Your Blessings,

The Black Is For You To Let Go."


We Should Consider All Of Our Friends,,, All Of Our Family A Blessing.


When The Creator Looked Down Upon The Earth

He Chose To Put Many New Blessings There,

He Provided Us With Many Gifts Of Beauty, He Chose The Eagle Which Files Closest To His Domain To Carry Our Prayers. The Wolf Taught Us About Family.

The Many Fragrances That Bless Our Senses. Food And Game To Help Replenish Our Body And Sprit,,,Gift After Gift, Too Many To Mention Except For His Last Gift In That,,,,, The Days Of The First Moon…


 And Then To Every Yearning Soul


He Gave That Gift Of Tenderest Worth


- A Mother.-


Dolanda Jean To Us Dolly To Me Sometimes Just Baby Doll. She Is The

Daughter Of Bev And Orville.

She Was Born To Us And Served As

A  Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Daughter, Niece, Friend, SPIRIT GUIDE, & Companion To All Those In Need


This How She Tried And We Should Aspire To Live Each Day And Treat Each Moment.


Remain Close To The Creator.


Show Great Respect For All Of Your Fellow Beings.


Work Together For The Benefit Of All.


 Treat The Earth And All That Dwell Thereon With Respect.


Give Assistance And Kindness Wherever Needed.


Do What You Know To Be Right.


Dedicate A Share Of Your Efforts To The Greater Good.


Take Full Responsibility For Your Actions.


And For Dolly Maybe Find A Mossy Log And Enjoy A Cool Drink.



'Say Not In Grief,,,, 'She Is No More' ,,,,,’


‘But Live In Thankfulness That She Was'


As Her Spirit Moves With The Winds Of The Four Directions.


She Stands To The Fire, And Walks With, Those That Stand Tall, Having The Wisdom To Bend To The Wind.


Held To Memory And Guided By Her Understanding And Faith.


As The Spirit Guides Us,,, Being Of Faith,,,, Friends, And Family Are Now Ready.


 On The Morning Of The New Moon.


When Are Tears Fell Like Rain..


The Eagle Soared.


She Completes Her Journey And Joins The Creator.


Today Started Without Her, But Will Finish As If She Never Left.


We Have Cried So Long, There Is Little Left To Do But Be Still.


She Did Not Wander Too Far.

Look To You Heart.

That Is Her Way Back.


Do Not Remember Her As Lost.

 The Halo Of The Fire Is Pure.

Do Not Fear Dark Places.

The Wolf Will Comfort You Now.

Be Quiet And Listen.

She Will Speak ,,,

 If You Can Hear With Your Heart


Look For Her Now In Children’s Laughter.

 And The Smile On An Old Women’s Face.

Feel Her Warmth When The Sun Is On You Face.

Take Her Strength When The Wind Is Against You.

 When The Journey Is Uphill.

Find Her Pleasure When The Path Is Smooth.

 And The Wind Is At Your Back.


Remember The Sky That You Were Born Under.

Know Each Of The Star’s Stories.

Remember The Son’s Birth At Dawn.

Remember Sundown And The Giving Away To Night.

Remember The Earth Whose Skin She Wore

Remember Her Voice In The Wind.


There Is Now A Dry River Were I Stood.

Do Not Let Its Banks Divide Our Hearts.

Walk With Me Now.

And We Can Use The Dry Bed As The RED Road.



She Will Come Back To You So You Can Say Good By.

She Will Say

Keep My Spirit Always With You.

Talk To Me Often.

 I Will Not Leave Your Heart.

It Is A Hard Thing When Friends Die.

It Is A Harder Thing Still When We Let Our Spirit Die

Stop For A Moment.

Take Care And Look Back. Then Go On.




Thanks To The Creator For The Safe Journey For All Who Are Here.

And Bless Us With A Safe Journey Home.


Because Go On Is What We Will Do.


Life Is The Flash Of A Firefly In The Night.


It Is The Breath Of The Wolf  In The Winter.


It Is The Little Shadow Which Runs Across The Grass


And Loses Itself In The Sunset.


As She Would Remind Us This Is Not The End But The Beginning. Life Is A Circle And This Brings Us Back To The Start, This Prayer And Thought Is Found As Words Of Comfort In All Circles Where We Believe, Its Author Is Lost To Time But It Speaks Forever.


Do Not Stand Here And Weep

She Is Here; She Does Not Sleep.

Dolly Is A Thousand Winds That Blow,

The Diamond Glint On Snow,

She Is The Sun On Ripened Grain,

And The Gentle Autumn Rain.

When You Awaken In The Morning's Hush

She Is The Swift Uplifting Rush

Of Quiet Birds In Circling Flight.

The Stars And Moon That Light The Night

  Family And Friends We Can Not Stand Here Long And Weep,


She Is In Our Hearts Where Her Spirit Lives.. She Does Not Sleep.